Software Survey

Welcome to Elico Corp's survey on Odoo ERP . Your information will help us to get your basic information and requirement. All information from this survey will remain anonymous.

1. What are your top business challenges?

Select all that apply

Finding new business

Managing customer relationships

Planning and executing projects, managing project costs

Managing your finance

2. Managing your Invoicing (AR/AP)

Generating your Sales, purchasing and inventory

Hiring and retaining qualified staff

Expanding into global markets (multi-site, multi-currency, multi-language)

Scale up your manufacturing

Other (Please specify):

3. Did you or company test the Odoo software ?

Tested myself in my computer

Tested myself in odoo.com

Had a demo by a partner


Using Odoo

4. What ERP-related features are you pursuing?

Select all that apply

Entire ERP system (new system or upgrade)

Marketing automation

Customer relationship management

Project quoting and scheduling

Time and expense management

Human capital management

Sales Management

Purchasing management

Inventory management

Other (Please specify):

5. ​What are your least favorite aspects of your ERP software?

Select all that apply

User experience

Flexibility (ability to change along with your business)

Scalability (ability to grow along with your business)

Mobile device support

Dealing with your ERP vendor

Implementation and maintenance costs

Missing key capabilities needed to support your business (please specify):

No opinion/Do not know

6. What is the annual revenue of the organization you work for?

Less than $10 million

$10 to $50 million

$51 to $100 million

$101 to $250 million

$251 to $500 million

$501 million to $1 billion

More than $1 billion

7. What is the nature of your organization?

Select all that apply

Local (China) private

Local State owned



8. In which industry does your organization operate?


Aerospace and defense

Agriculture and Forestry

Automotive and transportation

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Consume goods

Education and Research

Energy and mining

Engineering, architecture, and construction

Food beverage and nutrition

Government and public sector

Health care and medical services

Hospitality (hotels and restaurants)


Media and entertainment

Not for profit

Oil and Gas

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology

Professional services

Real estate and property management




Travel and entertainment


Whole sale and distribution

9. How many employeesHow many expected usersAdd? (with relevant selection):

10. How many Products and variantHow many partners? (customers, prospects, suppliers)

11. How many SO / month?

12. How did they know of Elico Corp? (Internet, recommendation etc.)