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1. Key Features Benefits POSbox to connect any peripherial to the Odoo modules Unified data between all stores Integrated invoicing & accounting Better customer service Speed and ease of use Integrated with Odoo modules (including CRM, Accounting & WMS) Promotions & after-sales management Multi-platform compatible app Adapted for retail shops and restaurants Available online & offline Set up in minutes, sell in seconds Online or offline interface, compatible with any material Unify data across all shops Odoo’s online Point of Sale is based on a smart interface that’s simple enough for everyone to use. The POS can be used online or offline and on any kind of device. Set up new stores quickly and easily with just an Internet connection, then use your POS everywhere, anytime. Restaurants can also use the POS easily with the specific features like the restaurant map, send orders to the kitchen or bar and more. Our SAAS solution for point of sale is compatible with desktop PCs, iPads and other tablet computers, laptops and industrial POS machines. After the Point of Sale is activated with an internet connection, it’ll stay operational even when completely disconnected from the Internet Connect any scanner, printer, scale, cashbox and many other peripherals to our POSbox - a small box that serves as a gateway between them and the Odoo modules. New products, pricing strategies and promotions can automatically be applied to the selected stores. You can implement a global strategy across all your stores without fuss or stress. Give your shopper a positive experience by improving your services. Handle refunds, track warranties, follow customer claims, plan order deliveries and more - all in one interface. Point of Sale Run your physical store with our complete point of sale, easy to use and compatible with any device. Deliver in-store customer services and sync products, prices and customers.

2. Our mission is to provide a suite of easy to use business applications that form a complete package. Millions of businesses have access to the software they need to run & grow their business. What is Odoo? Odoo is a comprehensive suite of integrated business applications aimed at taking businesses to the next level. Odoo is a flexible and easy way for businesses to manage key enterprise activities: sales, finance, HR, marketing and much more. Over two million people use Odoo to boost their sales, run their operations, organize marketing activities, increase productivity and empower their human resources. We think business software shouldn’t be complex. We believe in software that is full featured, tightly integrated, runs smoothly, and upgrades seamlessly. Catherine Bodson Founder of Pipaillon - La Conserverie I’m not a computer-person, so I needed something very easy to use, And that integrated all our needs in one single system. This is why we chose Odoo. I’m very happy with it, and also with the unlimited helpdesk! Accounting Billing Record transactions in a few clicks and easily manage all financial activities in one place. Odoo’s user interface is designed with productivity in mind. Odoo’s billing module allows you to create, send invoices and get paid online. The system directly integrates with Odoo Project to automatically bill customers based on your activities and timesheets. Modules integrated with Odoo Point of Sale Warehouse Management Decrease your process times, automate transactions, reduce your stock levels and get complete traceability on all operations With tthe Odoo double entry inventory system. Contact Shanghai Elico Limited Tel : +86 21 6211 8017 Anshun Road 83 , Room 1603 ChangNing District , Shanghai, China contact@elico-corp.com Southern China and Hong-Kong Tel: +86 138 2323 9130 3rd Floor Fulizhen Building, No.1 Kefa Road Nanshan, Shenzhen,Guangdong, China shenzhen@elico-corp.com Tel: +852 5917 5213 Room 601, 6/F Tai Tung Building 8 Fleming Road Wanchai, Hong Kong hongkong@elico-corp.com Elico solutions (Singapore) LLP Tel: +65 8502 2399 36 Purvis Street #02-15, Singapore 188613 contact@elico-corp.com.sg www.elico-corp.com Job posting: jobs@elico-corp.com


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