Odoo Professional SaaS with Elico Corp

Our SaaS platform are located in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Cost effective and flexible solution for your Odoo instance.
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Odoo SaaS services

Elico Corp provides SaaS services in servers hosted in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. The automated platform allows the users to get access to a full instance of Odoo in few minutes with a convenient per per user monthly payment.

Besides you get one month free to test your instance.

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With Odoo's fully integrated software, you can easily manage your meetings, schedule business calls, create recurring meetings, synchronize your agenda and easily keep in touch with your colleagues, partners and other people involved in projects or business discussions.

Not credit card required. Instant Access!

Odoo Virtual Private Server Managed by Elico Corp

As opposed to the SaaS server which is a shared secured space in one server (with no access to the OS layer), VPS is a private server hosted in a cloud company and used exclusively by one customer. It has a private access through encrypted password and you get a full access to the OS via 'root'.

With SaaS Virtual Private Server, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ready-to-use server: We take care of the setup, following Odoo procedures.
  • Dedicated server: you have your own server and enjoy its full capability and access
  • No need for a dedicated IT staff: we take care of all maintenance and upgrade.
  • No commitment: you start and stop whenever you want
  • Flexibility: pay for what you need and scale up on demand
  • Backup: Automated daily backup (7 days)

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