Elico Corp is Odoo Training Center

We provide Odoo training services in China since 2011

Our training offer is based on the official Odoo training content.

Choose between functional and Developer courses, onsite or online, in Mandarin or English.

- Not enough? Contact us for custom-made plans.

Odoo Online Functional Training

Name: Odoo 8 Functional Training
Location: Online Training
Duration: 10 Working Days (3h/day)
Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday (2pm-5pm)
Language: Mandarin
Price:  Contact us >>
Tool: Gomeetnow (Windows/MAC)

The functional training offers you thorough knowledge in usability of the software. The objective is to discover all Odoo applications  and gain an overview of the features. Thanks to full exercises, understand and master complete functional processes and analyze basic data.

The training session is organized in 10 lessons of 3 hours that you can complete in 10 weeks (with 1 lesson per week) or 5 weeks (with 2 lessons per week). You can independently pick any lesson within the session.

We will organize a second training session in parallel of the first one, to make it more convenient in case you couldn’t attend a lesson of the first training session.

Odoo Onsite Developer Training

Name: Odoo 8 Developer  Training
Location: Onsite Training (Shanghai or Sh
Duration:5 Working Days (7h/day)
Time: Monday to Friday (9am-5pm)
Language: Mandarin or English
Price:  Contact us >>
Tool: Virtualbox and Odoo dev. tools


This course is dedicated to partners, integrators and developers who need to grasp knowledge of the Odoo development process. This course is for new developers or for IT professionals eager to learn more about the Odoo technical aspects.

Having attended this course, participants should be able to:
  • Understand the development concepts and architecture
  • Install and administer Odoo
  • Develop a new Odoo module

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of the Python programming language and an Integrated Development Environment such as Eclipse. Participants preferably have a functional knowledge of the Odoo software.

Customer Made Training

Name: On-demand (Functional/Technical/Infra/Python)
Location: Onsite/Online/Customer
Duration: To be agreed upon (7h/day)
Time: Monday to Friday (9am-5pm)
Language: Mandarin or English
Price:  Contact us >>
Tool: Teamviewer, Virtualbox, etc.

This course is built accordingly to the customer needs and can be adjusted on request.

Online Functional Program

Lesson #1: Introduction and Purchase

Lesson #2: Sales and CRM

Lesson #3: Point of Sales and Billing

Lesson #4: Warehouse Management

Lesson #5: Manufacturing

Lesson #6: Project Management

Lesson #7: Accounting (Part one)

Lesson #8: Accounting (Part two)

Lesson #9: Human Resources

Lesson #10: Web design, E-commerce

Onsite Developer Program

Day 1
Odoo Architecture and Installation 
Directory Structure / Module / UI
Day 2
Introduction to module Open Academy
Manifest File / model structure
Fields and Basic Views
Variables & Methods

Day 3
Advanced Views (Kanban, Cal. Etc.)
Model & View Inheritance
Business WorkFlow / Wizard

Day 4
Website Builder Introduction
HTTP Controllers & Authentication
Simple & Dynamic Pages
Semantic Rules / Magic Attr. / Snippets
Optional Inheritance / Qweb Report

Day 5
Database Backup and Restore
Security (Groups, Record Rules)
import/export & RPC