What is the status of OpenERP v6.1?

We had several questions about the v6.1, the new version of OpenERP that will be the successor of current v6.0. Here are more information about this new version and current status.

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The v6.1 is quite complex to release as all new features depend on a re-development from scratch of the web client. We want it to be very clean before releasing the version, so we decided to put the priority on he quality and stability rather than the timing. We decided not to make any announce related to the timing as we are not sure about the exact date of release and we prefer to not take the risk of announcing a date we would not be able to honor. (we did it in the past, but I think it's worst to announce a wrong date than not announcing one). We will make a clear communication about the roadmap as soon as the RC1 is ready. I apologize for the lack of transparancy, but I prefer to take the time needed to succeed on the v6.1, rather than putting a pressure on the timing because we publicly announced a date. But, don't worry, we also need the "killing" v6.1 to be released ASAP, it's one of our main priorities. Our R&D team are working hard on v6.1 and we start to see the end of the tunnel. 
The status: - nearly all tasks on "addons", "server" and "GTK Client" are finished (some very small ones are left, mainly in accounting) - bugs and wishlists on "addons", "server", "web", "gtk" are under control since several months, no more than the usual few ones that were reported recently - merge proposals on "addons", "web", "gtk" are under control since one week. All community contributions have been processed, we just missed the latest ones introduced by our R&D teams but these are the easiest to merge. - we have some tasks on web client remaining but most of them are more than 60% finished - we already did extensive tests with lambda users, our internal testers, etc. so we should not have too much last minutes bad surprises - the new web client still need to be polished (design, colors...)   
If you want to help us release faster, it would help if you can contribute on the trunk (it's the right timing to do so): - test and report bugs on launchpad - start translating all terms in your languages - review pending merge proposals and give feedback The web client is not finished but fully usable, so you can start testing it and reporting bugs. As usual, I suggest everyone having a pending project on OpenERP to do it in v6.0, it's less risky. The migration between v6.0 and v6.1 will be very simple with OpenERP Enterprise.   
Fabien Pinckaers CEO OpenERP SA. Fri, 02 Dec 2011