What is the difference between SaaS and ASP?

Understanding the difference between "Software as a Service" and traditional "Application Service Provider" may help you choose the right service according to your constraints:

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Traditional Application Service Provider:

  • Application services in a hosted data center style.
  • Customer-specific applications run by one ASP.
  • Expertise needed in each application.
  • Service-level and financial failures.
  • Customer needs for in-house expertise.

Software as a Service:

  • Applications specifically designed to be hosted and delivered over the Internet to many customers.
  • No need to buy the software from a third party.
  • Customer specific instance of the application.
  • Still economies of scale because of the simpler application scenario.
Nowadays, nevertheless, the difference beween ASP and SaaS is getting thiner and thiner. [ilink url="http://www.elico-corp.com/saas/"]Discover our SaaS offer[/ilink]