Setting up OpenERP v6.1RC1

During OpenERP v6.1RC1 setup you can find some errors due to the fact that some new dependencies are required.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal
Here is the list of expected dependencies: 
ZSI 2.1-a1 Werkzeug 0.8.1 vobject 0.8.1c vatnumber 1.0 simplejson 2.1.6 reportlab 2.5 PyYAML 3.09 PyWebDAV pytz 2011d python-openid 2.2.5 python-ldap 2.4.4 python-dateutil 1.5 pydot 1.0.23 psycopg2 2.4.2 Mako 0.5.0 lxml 2.3 gdata 2.0.10 feedparser 5.0.1 Babel 0.9.6 setuptools 0.6c11 MarkupSafe 0.15 
A simple command to force most of them in Ubuntu 11.10 environment: 
sudo apt-get install python-lxml python-mako python-egenix-mxdatetime python-dateutil python-psycopg2 python-pychart python-pydot python-tz python-reportlab python-yaml python-ldap libldap2-dev libsasl2-dev python-vobject python-dev -y