SAP vs OpenERP or SAP and OpenERP? The Danone experience

oday we have the feeling that companies would have to choose one solution over another in exclusive mode.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal
TI see more and more companies needing differents answers to different type of business necessities.
Where SAP can give large entities common and complete backbones, it is not necessarrily the answer for small structures where you need to be quick in your implementation, flexible in your  solutions and provide easy tools to the users. To break this difficult barrier between large ERP and small unit necessities, Danone Group has started to use OpenERP as a solution for their small operating units. Danone is a traditional SAP user where they invested large amount of money over the last 10 years. The truth is SAP is not really adapted for their small branches. In this environment, even the slightest configuration can become extremely complicated to deploy. This is the reason why Danone started to consider OpenERP as a potential complement for SAP with the following advantages: find a technology sizable for SME, with the additional advantage of the developer community. OpenERP for the Colombia branch has been the first one to be implemented introducing the particular Agile methodology where development and implementation are done simultaneously. 
This methodology, based on software corrections made immediately in the software, was completed with weekly delivery,  virtual Kanban to control project scheduling completes and the usage of wiki where the team (users and developers) can find all the related information for the ongoing project. Colombia experience was quick and successful in a relatively simple scope. This success led to larger a implementation in Australia, including manufacturing. Danone is now getting a feedback analysis on those implementations. They point out the flexibility of the used Agile methodology that has a very positive influence on user acceptance. Indeed, they get immediate feedback from their requests and get trained during the implementation process. 
Now Danone needs to define the criteria to be used to decide when and where propose OpenERP instead of Themis. They consider starting small business units with OpenERP and progressively migrate to SAP when the time comes. 
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