OpenERP v8 developments status and roadmap

We are very excited with the new version 8 of OpenERP coming in few months!

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

Many new features are expected for OpenERP v8 with new WMS, cubes, website management, POS integration, etc. Amongst others, here are the status of the main developments that are included in version 8 that is planned for  Q2 2014:
Website Builder (ala weebly) 90%
Full featured eCommerce 80%
Online Events (ala eventbrite) 90%
Blogs (ala wordpress) 90%
Improved calendar (with Google sync & alerts) 50%
New Warehouse Management 80%
Improved Survey App 30%
New report engine (webkit+QWeb+editor) 80%
Point of Sale hardware integration 60%
Integrated Business Intelligence (cubes) 75%
Improved graph views 75%
Assets: revenue recognition 30%
New API - framework 70%
New Technical Documentation 30%
Mass mailing campaigns (ala mailchimp) 100%
Gamification & Social features 100%
From: OpenERP Partner Mailing list 201312 For more information about OpenERP:  contact@elico-corp.com