OpenERP V6.1 at a glance - Online functional demonstration

You always wonder: How to improve your efficiency between the departments? How to centralize the information of your numerous Excel documents? How to communicate in a professional but affordable collaborative environment?

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

OpenERP business solutions can help you in all this aspects and more!

Come and discover OpenERP during our online Webinar event:

Online Webinar: 'OpenERP V6.1 functional demonstration' 
Date : Thursday, 5th July 2012, 15:00 -16:00 (GMT +8) 
Registration: http://elico-corp-demonstration.eventbrite.com/ 
Fees: this event is free of charge 
Attendees: any mid-sized company decision maker interested in setting up an collaborative software in the coming months (trading, manufacturing, services). 
To be able to join the Webinar, you will receive a hyperlink and a password by email 15 minutes before the session starts. If you should encounter any problems, please contact us by email or phone. 
Our Webinar event is dedicated to present you the different functionalities of OpenERP which cover many aspects such as CRM, Sales Management, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Project Management... During our on-line demonstration, you will be able to quickly and easily grasp the main OpenERP features and functionalities. The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session with Eric CAUDAL the founder and CEO of Elico Corp. 
For more information : contact@elico-corp.com