OpenERP Connector Public Release

The long awaited connectors between OpenERP and any other system has been officially released, being Magento and Prestashops the first operational connectors to be operational.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

Here are the different parts of the fully opensource connector that has been developed so far thanks to a wide community effort: A framework to develop connectors on OpenERP The Magento connector based on this framework Prestashop connector on the framework Besides, a new connector_ecommerce module has been created, which is in some ways the equivalent of the previous version of  'base_sale_multichannels'. If this has whetted your curiosity, I trust you to follow the aforementioned links where you will find much information. Your contribution is welcome and you may want to join the official mailing list. Elico Corp is official financial and developer contributor of the Magento connector Other Elico Corp  contribution to the community effort: For more information about Chinese localization and community, contact us at:  contact@elico-corp.com