OpenERP Community and the new OpenERP Community Association

OpenERP Community is the main driver of many aspects inside and around OpenERP.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

This expanding community is what makes OpenERP so great, in a true Open Source tradition, providing feedback, domain expertise, contributions, business visibility and etc. Some of the areas the community is contributing includes translation, documentation, bug reporting, code contributions, Q & A section and more.

– The community visibly collaborate in the translation of OpenERP. Everyone can suggest or review the translations in their language. 
– Not only can the community read and add comments to the online documentation but also improve, amend or extend it. 
Bug Reporting 
- The community helps make OpenERP better by identifying and solving the quirks that have been found in OpenERP. They help further by providing the fix directly or help in testing the ones provided by others. 
Code Contributions 
– New modules are crafted which then can be published and downloaded. Patches and improvements to the core parts of OpenERP submitted (via merge proposals) will be reviewed by the OpenERP R&D team and possibly integrated into the next release of OpenERP. 
-  Help Section of OpenERP. Community members can post questions about their OpenERP here and get help / answers.

Elico Corp is one of the OpenERP Community top contributors.

Below are presentations about the OpenERP Community Organization and the newly-started OpenERP Community Association.

OpenERP Community Organization


New Organization of OpenERP Community - OpenERP Community Association

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