OpenERP 7.0 is announced by December 15th 2012

We wanted to give you visibility about the launch of OpenERP 7.0. and some of its implications for you and your customers.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

 Although we do not want to commit on a definite date, we can now announce that  OpenERP 7.0. will be released between November 15th at best and December 15th at worst.

The launch will take place as follows:

  • In about two weeks we will publish a Release candidate asking for the community to intensively test the application.
  • At the latest two weeks before the launch of OpenERP 7.0:
    • We will publish a release note presenting all the new features of OpenERP 7.0
    • We will organize a webinar for the partners during which Fabien Pinckaers will perform a demo of 7.0 and present all the new features of 7.0

As you know OpenERP 6.1 is a stable version and not a Long Term Support version of OpenERP. As a result we have made special efforts to allow our OpenERP Enterprise customers to  migrate to OpenERP 7.0. The migration platform will be available and fully tested at the launch of 7.0. The enhancement we have performed  to our platform and the new tests will also be presented to the partners during Fabien’s webinar.

However we realize that clients are not going to switch overnight.  You need time to schedule the migrations with your customers and to migrate the custom modules to OpenERP 7.0.  As a result we have decided to extend the period during which we will support version 6.1 until May 30th 2013. Some partners have already asked us for a head start and we are currently migrating some custom modules for them. If you need help migrating your modules to 7.0 please contact your account manager.

Finally as you know, we ask all customers to subscribe to the OpenERP Enterprise as they start their project. Customers which are not using the latest Long term support or the lastest stable version face an extra 80% cost when they subscribe to the service. However, for OpenERP 6.1 customers who have not subscribed to the OpenERP Enterprise yet we will extend a grace period until the end of the year in order to allow them to subscribe to the service without paying any extra costs.

We are extremely excited about this launch. Each new release has been a major milestone in the development of OpenERP and OpenERP 7.0. is no exception. The improved user interface should not over shadow the many new and improved features we are bringing in 7.0.  We believe that the combination of ease of use and the richness of our features will set a standard that no other competitor has met yet.

Mr. Xavier Pansaers

(Chief Sales Officer - OpenERP)

If you are interested in OpenERP 7.0, contact us at contact@elico-corp.com