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You can find photos, statistics, videos and slides of the Open Days 2014 here:  https://www.odoo.com/event/OpenDays-2014-5/page/website_event.Introduction-OpenDays 
You can get statistics about the event here: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/2170040-open-days-2014 
As said above, the community is one of the biggest strength of Odoo. 
Here are a few news and ideas on how we can improve collaboration in the future with the community:

Community Q&A

When we launched the new Odoo.com website, we replaced our Q&A website (based on Askbot, Drupal) with a new Odoo module. Since this launch, the community forum's activity increased by 35% with 2.183 posts in june, compared to an average of 1.618 posts per month over the past 3 months.


But the most interesting part is that the growth is thanks to an increase of the number of answers, not the number of questions. In june 2014, more answers have been posted than questions. (1.213 answers for 970 questions.)

On top of this, the Odoo Q&A application has been improved and new features will appear at the next SaaS upgrade. We have added some new features, such as: convert an answer to a comment, convert a comment to an answer, better karma handling, etc.

Functional Documentation: How-Tos

We started a new functional documentation for version 8. Over the past month, we already wrote 70 how-tos. You can have a look at the new functional documentation here: 
- https://www.odoo.com/forum/how-to We also worked on a collaborative process allowing everyone to contribute to the official documentation. The documentation is built on top of the best Questions in the Q&A, allowing everyone to contribute by creating or modifying questions. (you need to have a karma above 200) 
Then, our documentation team follows an editorial process to improve the content. You can get more information about this new community flow here: 
- http://www.slideshare.net/openobject/odoo-presentation-documentation-v8

We need your feedback

In addition to our efforts to improve the "How-tos", we are also thinking about integrating a deployment guide in the application. This will answer the "What to do", not the "How to do". Every application will have its own guide to help new users understand what to do. Here is the initial draft mockup for the CRM application. It describes what to do to improve sales efficiency: - http://qf6iua.axshare.com/sales_planner_v2.html Note: Some "Contact us" boxes only appear if the customer have the 24/24 support option as a part of his Odoo Enterprise contract. (like SaaS customers)

Community Mailing Lists

Since we move all development efforts from Launchpad to Github, we will also stop using Launchpad's mailing lists. These will be replaced by the mailing list app of Odoo. As we will not import community members automatically, we suggest you to subscribe to these lists if you want to stay in the community mailing lists. 
- https://www.odoo.com/page/odoo-community

Pull Requests

For 2 months, we managed to process 100% of the pull requests on master. This was probably the biggest demand from the community. Now, pull requests are under control, no starvation anymore. All your contributions will be processed quickly. The move to github and the reinforcement of our R&D team helped a lot. Runbot has also been improved to test pull requests automatically and mark them green or red on github. This speeds up the review process a lot. In terms of numbers, since we moved to Github (one month ago), we received 333 pull requests from the community and we already closed 298 of them (89%). In total, including our own R&D teams, 513 pull requests have been done and 423 of these have been closed. (82%). From the 35 pull requests in progress: 14 have less than a week, 13 are under discussions and 6 are in progress. You can find more information in the github wiki, with the direct links to the pull requests to process: 
- https://github.com/odoo/odoo/wiki

Improve Community Collaboration

After several discussions with community members during the Open Days and the OCA members, we decided that we will organize code sprints with the community. We will announce the first code sprints in a few weeks. They will be dedicated to reports and accounting. Over the next 3 months, we will also create three crowd funding campaigns like the POS one. The campains will be on accounting, MRP and Themes for the CMS.

Translation of the Website

With the Gengo integration of the new Odoo CMS, websites can be translated automaticaly by professional translators. We launched theprocess to translate the official Odoo website to French: https://www.odoo.com/fr_FR . In a few days, we will translate the website to Spanish, Dutch and German. Any feedback on the quality of the translation is welcome! *New features and V8* We have a lot of news to share with you, but future announcements will be done on the new community mailing lists. You can subscribe here: - https://www.odoo.com/page/odoo-community

Source: Fabien Pinckaers, CEO of OpenERP, SA (July/2014)

Who is Elico Corp

We are Odoo Silver and Premium Certified Training partner for China and Hong-Kong and we have offices in Shanghai and ShenZhen. Elico Corp has been voted Best Odoo Partner 2014 for Asia Pacific. We do provide the following services: Our contribution for the Chinese localization in www.odoo.com/apps For more information, please feel free to contact us at contact@elico-corp.com or call us: +86 21 6211 8017/27/37