Odoo 9 changes license to LGPL v3

On the occasion of Odoo Experience 2015, OpenERP. SA announced the change of Odoo 9 license to LGPL v3,  and the future of  Odoo Community Edition.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

Context :
Copyleft relies on universal Copyright laws to enforce freedom for a piece of work. The Free Software Foundation defines four freedoms: use, modify, distribute, and distribute modifications. To guarantte these freedoms to every user, GPL forbids any restriction coming from other licenses.

From GPLv2 for TinyERP 1.0-4.0 to AGPLv3 for Odoo 8.0, Odoo software license is following up the changes of GPL, which is a strong copyleft license, but it suffers from the ASP loophole and lacks a linking exception. And AGPL v3 is not well suited for the CMS features. LGPL was created to fix this, by adding a linking exception on top of GPL. Odoo 9 changes license to LGPL v3, becomes Odoo Community Edition, it will pemit selling Odoo Apps. Odoo Enterprises Edition will contain a set of new Apps on top of Odoo Community.


Odoo 9 community

- Odoo Software can be used, modified, distributed by anyone.

- Odoo project is fully hosted on GitHub, access to anyone (source code, bug reports, pull requests)

- All translations are on Transifex.com

Odoo 9 enterprise :

- Proprietary license applies to Enterprise Apps only

  • using requires Odoo Enterprise subscription

  • modifications are allowed

  • distribution only to Odoo Enterprise subscribers

- Odoo project is fully hosted on GitHub, access to all partners (or some customers)

- All translations are on Transifex.com

Now, it concerns 3 main licenses: LGPL, AGPL and Proprietary. Some combinations of these licenses are not valid, because GPL prevents distribution if licensing terms conflict. The Odoo Apps Store will be able to verify the validity of the combinations. Odoo's official interpretation of the licenses and their intention is that using Proprietary Apps and AGPL Apps at the same time is OK, as long as they don't depend on each other. That's why OpenERP.SA made choice on LGPL v3 on Odoo 9.