OCA Code Sprint 2016

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OCA Code Sprint 2016

During the Odoo Experience days, the OCA organized for the second year a Odoo Code Sprint on Oct. the 3rd and 4th where the participants (Odoo community contributors) can work together and develop specific needs from the community.

This year more than 100 coders and functional consultant came to the rendez-vous point (the Ibis Hotel in Louvain la Neuve) which is double the number from last year.

The developers could join multiple groups with the objective to develop new modules in Odoo, test or try to improve existing one.

This is a great opportunity to learn from the community and collaborate face to face on the hottest topic of the year:

* Website CMS improvements (Simone Orsi)
* OpenDocument based reporting engine (Alexis De Lattre)
* Electronic Invoicing (Alexis de Lattre)
* GeoEngine (Yannick Vaucher)
* Contributors Stats Gathering Module (Maxime Chambreuil)
* Getting to know the OCA Workflow (Pedro Manuel Baeza)
* Document SFTP (Holger Brunn)
* Stocks logistics barcode scanning (Aaron Henriquez)
* Improve the Business Requirement set of modules (Eric Caudal)
* Mobile community interface (Jairo Llopis)
* Dockerizing the runbot (Moisés López)
* Mackma project (Frederik Kramer)
* setuptools-odoo (Stéphane Bidoul)
* Product Variant Configurator
* PRs Review (Everyone ;)
* Connector v10 (Guewen Baconnier)

The business requirement workshop animated by Eric Caudal attracted more than 10 participants, biggest group of all!

The Odoo Community Association is an contributor Association with the objective to develop the usage of Odoo within the community.

More information: www.odoo-community.org