New WYSIWYG modules in OpenERP 6.1

Elico Corp has developed 2 new modules for OpenERP 6.1 that allows you to include WYSIWYG capabilities in all your forms.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

This new functionality is based on 2 separate modules: 
- web_display: This module provides a new widget to display HTML tags in the forms. You need to add in your view's field widget="text_WYSIWYG" to see the result as HTML instead of text. 
- web_html_wysiwyg: This module provides a WYSIWYG editor (based on CKeditor) that can be switched on any time in any OpenERP forms. 
You need to add the following code in the views for which you want to turn the classic textareas into powerful WYSIWYG editors. <a onclick=”javascript:toggle_ckeditor();” class=”wysiwyg_button wysiwyg_button_off oe_button”>WYSIWYG on</a> 
Using both modules in combination in your views allows you to enable or disable the WYSIWYG editors anytime. The first application where this feature could be used is in the wiki or the email modules in order to enhance the end-user experience. 
You can grab the code at our launchpad address: https://code.launchpad.net/~openerp-community/openobject-addons/elico-6.1 and at http://apps.openerp.com Enjoy!