New features for ecommerce integration in Odoo v8

As a novelty, unlike other ERP products, Odoo v8 adds a website builder, E-commerce and some other web-related modules as new features.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal
It enables you to create and design your own website directly in Odoo. You don't need anymore to edit your website through any other website builder. Through a few simple wizard, you can quickly setup the website sections and place the corresponding images and text in the right place according to your own idea.
If you consider one page is not good enough to show the characteristics of your company, you can  add more pages. If your company was doing e-commerce at the same time, you can install in one click the e-commerce module to attach the online store to the company website, so that the customers sales orders are now fully synchronized between your website and ERP. 
In addition, if your company often release activity, the Event module is essential. Your customers will be aware of you company’s activities directly in the website and take part in to it if they want.
 Through the new added modules, customer information is collected through a single channel and ends directly into your ERP with a perfect integration of information. 
The most impressive part is the E-commerce modules available  with Odoo. 
Not only through the new e-commerce module you can directly use the rich online interface in Odoo website but also you can take full advantage of existing online interface like 'Taobao' order synchronous interface, 'eBay' order synchronization interface, 'Magento' online order synchronization interface and 'ZenCart' store order synchronization interface.

Odoo v8 will be the one who breaks down the traditional ERP  industry! Let's wait and see. Video 
Demo:  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzk4NjM1ODAw.html

Who is Elico Corp

We are Odoo Gold Partner for China and Hong-Kong and we have offices in Shanghai and ShenZhen. The key for a successful Odoo implementation often relies on a subtle mix of IT expertise, business process analysis and cross-cultural management. That’s why our seasoned European and Chinese consultants will assist you in reviewing your current business work-flows and in designing a suitable solution, combination of your business scope and our supply chain and IT experience. From there, we will lead you to a complete Odoo working solution, including server setup, data migration or process customization. Additionally, we provide your staff technical and functional training, in Mandarin and English, in order to smoothly spread Odoo good practices in your company. We do provide the following services: Our contributions to the Odoo community speak for itself:
Elico Corp has been voted Best Odoo Partner 2014 for Asia Pacific.
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