Integrating Odoo and Wechat

Integration goal: micro-shop + ERP + payment

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

At present, several Chinese ERP providers allow access to Wechat , such as E DianBao, Online shop steward, Koudaitong, Salesforce and so on. With the help of the Wechat platform, the companies can now transfer their traditional shops to the Wechat environment in addition to Taobao, and thus connect ERP system to Wechat for order processing, inventory synchronization and achieve that way accurate and realtime accounting from Wechat too. Expanding enterprise sales model will be now depend greatly on the integration between backend systems such as Odoo and frontend ecommerce platforms such as Taobao and Wechat, all the more in the mobile oriented world. The pictures below illustrate how Odoo and Wechat can be integrated:
  • Customers can check their related information through 'My sales and procurement'.
  • Odoo works as a backend integrated with Wechat shopping mall.
  • Product and Stock information in the backend  database will be showed on the front page where you can place an order directly.
  • The information will be synchronized to the Odoo system and will give feedback on availability and order status.
  • The delivery will be arranged after the payment confirmation.

Integrated Shopping process

Integrating Odoo and Wechat is a great opportunity to combine the powerful advantages of both world Shopping through Wechat has become now quite popular and convenient with realtime access to the order status through mobile access from the end-user point of view while the shop keeper besides the data synchronization, keeps a constant contact with his customer, with integrated messaging system, online status, statistics etc.

Elico Corp is following the trends of development in the field of mobile E-commerce and as part of our R&D effort is currently working on a Wechat-Odoo connectors, which will provide our customers the best experience on one of the largest mobile ecommerce plateform in China.

Who is Elico Corp

We are Odoo Gold Partner for China and Hong-Kong and we have offices in Shanghai and ShenZhen. The key for a successful Odoo implementation often relies on a subtle mix of IT expertise, business process analysis and cross-cultural management. That’s why our seasoned European and Chinese consultants will assist you in reviewing your current business work-flows and in designing a suitable solution, combination of your business scope and our supply chain and IT experience. From there, we will lead you to a complete Odoo working solution, including server setup, data migration or process customization. Additionally, we provide your staff technical and functional training, in Mandarin and English, in order to smoothly spread Odoo good practices in your company. We do provide the following services: Our contributions to the Odoo community speak for itself:
Elico Corp has been voted Best Odoo Partner 2014 for Asia Pacific.
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