How to use such complex software as ERP in small companies?

Let's be honest: trying to implement an ERP for the sake of doing it is obviously unreasonable...

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Nevertheless, despite the popular assertion, ERP is not synonym of complexity, all the contrary. It will even simplify your processes and get rid of all your duplicate information. Additionally, some ERP software are very flexible and designed for every life stage and every size of a company.

You have to remember this: even for a small SME, major part of your requirements are similar to bigger structures. You still need pricing and accounting, you still need to quote and follow your customers. And this is what an ERP is aimed for.

OpenERP server is specially suitable for small structures:

  • Its simplicity makes it realistic to set it up in weeks.
  • With no licence cost, implementation's cost are reduced by 25%
  • With Software as a Service infrastructure, no need for IT technician or even a on-premise server
  • With our All-in-one packages, you take full advantage of our quick roll-out methodology specially designed for SME.

But don't forget that OpenERP is a full ERP: its flexibility, modularity and scalability will follow you all your company's growth.

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