Discover the new OpenERP v6.1 (Beta)

OpenERP v6.1 RC1 is due beginning of 2012. In the meantime, there is a very simple way to follow the development of this new version.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

OpenERP offers the possibility to runs the last build of OpenERP in the following page:  OpenERP Nightly Builds You can then choose which "build" (development version number) you want to test by clicking in "connect"

For example, how to test OpenERP v6.1 last build:

  • choose "Sticky Branches"/Trunk Build
  • Select the square corresponding to last build number (usually the one on the left)
  • click to "connect"
  • Enter user "admin" and password "admin" (or demo/demo)
  • enjoy!
Additionally you can easily test here any custom version made by the community.
Remember that v6.1 is still a beta version not suitable for production environment.
If you want more information about OpenERP, do not hesitate to contact us: contact@elico-corp.com