A summary of the Odoo Experience days 2015

Back from Europe where I spent a great week in the Odoo Experience days 2015 that took place in Belgium.

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

I have been involved as well quite a lot in the organization of the Odoo Community Association code sprint which has been a success! I am pleased to announce as well that I have been re-elected member of the board of the Odoo Community Association which allows me to participate actively in the very active Odoo open source community.

Visiting the fair is the opportunity as usual to discover the product through the hundreds of workshops, discuss with partners all over the world and understand the new trends for best business practices!

All in all a joyful and fruitful experience that I will definitively renew next year.

Additionally Odoo SA has made several announcements during the conference:

Odoo V9

There will be 2 versions coming up for V9: Odoo Community Version and Enterprise Version.
  • Community version will be similar to V8 but with some enhancement on Accounting module.
  • Enterprise version will be based on Community version + set of exclusive module for Enterprise Contract such as Bank Reconciliation, Clean layout, Responsive to mobile device etc.
The plan of release V9 download version will be on 2015 Q4 (Tentative dates that might change!)
Please click here for the demo done by Odoo CEO Fabien (VPN necessary in China).
Contact us to discover the list of the extra features of Enterprise Version/Contract which is not yet officially definitive but available for partners.


License will be changed from AGPL and LGPL in V9, allowing the possibility of paid applications along with opensource free modules.
Please click here for the announcement made by Odoo CMO.

Apps Store

Developers may upload their customize Apps on our Apps Store for sell (thanks to the change of license).
Please click here for the details.

Partnership Enhancement

The partnership package will be enhanced by including some exclusive rights/items:
  • Only partner can resell Enterprise Version/Contract
  • Only partner can access the V9 Enterprise Version on Github
  • Partners have access to the functional training material/WebEx course
More information will be provided later of how Odoo proceed. Contact us if you are interested to discover the exclusive content
Enterprise Contract
There will be positive impact for the end-user as everything will be the same (price and service). In addition the ones already having an Odoo Enterprise contract will have the rights to use the extra module in V9 Enterprise Version.
Users with no contract can already purchase it in order to be able to migrate properly to v9 and enjoy the extra features.
NB: End-users with version older than V8 will require to pay for additional 50% charge on 1st year of subscription.
Contact us to purchase the Odoo Enterprise Contract or if you have any additional question on the subject.

Odoo Experience 2015 Video

Please click here to access the video (VPN Necessary in China)
Eric Caudal [CEO and Founder]