2015 Odoo Experience Highlight - Introducing Odoo 9

On 3rd June : first day of 2015 Odoo experience

Shanghai Elico Limited - 上海寰享网络科技有限公司, Eric Caudal

OpenERP. SA threw blockbuster to the participants while the first day meeting. As the witness of the new version, here, Elico Corp shares V9 improvement features with you.

 Website builder introduction

Now in Odoo V9 portal is a real website interface

V9 interface is more handsome

Advanced search and new easy filters

New Menu

The new interface form is more simple

More optimized performance reduce the SQL, it works faster and can adapt to mobile devices.

in Contract management and designer, new report designer, easy to include fields directly in PDF

New planning and time sheets features

New financial reports and KPI.

New mailing with clean themes

New POS features

New project documentation

Improved Inventory management system

Now invoices and refunds are altogether in one screen

Simplified year end process

Multi company financial reporting and consolidation

Of course, it's just a small part of the V9 new features. For more information, Elico will always pay attention to share. After the meeting, OpenERP .SA also prepared evening activities: Odoo Bund, beer and BBQ.

Besides, OpenERP.SA also specifically organized a workshop introducing the Odoo V9 license changes.

Welcome to pay attention to more information of Odoo with Elico Corp Shanghai.